Talent Management

Does your organization have the high potential talent, women leaders, high growth market talent and enterprise leaders it needs to compete? In this ICEDR Toolkit, learn how to source, attract, develop, engage, advance and retain the essential talent your organization needs to win.

About this ICEDR Toolkit

In this ICEDR Toolkit, you will learn about the anatomy of high potential talent. You will gain access to ICEDR's research on exceptional women leaders, who provide lessons for next female talent. You will see examples of companies that are winning the race for talent in emerging markets. You will understand how organizations are creating a strong cadre of enterprise leaders, and more.

High Potential Talent

The challenge for today's executives is how to attract, engage, advance, and retain the people who have the highest potential. ICEDR has done extensive work with global companies into the key attributes of high potential talent, what attracts high potentials to your organization, and how to develop them.

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Gender, Diversity, & Generations

The millennial generation will account for 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. Thinking ahead, how will this generation shape cultures, how we work, and the talent practices in the near future? What's more, executives at organizations worldwide are focused on creating a diverse pipeline of world class talent. Learn about research and practices that cut across the divides of gender and generations.

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High Growth Market Talent

In the past few years, the global balance of economic power has been shifting to developing countries. As this trend continues, it will have an increasing impact on where prospects for strategic growth exist for companies. Learn how to attract, develop, engage, and retain talent in emerging markets.

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Enterprise Leaders

Companies often focus on creating strong leaders of units and business functions, but they do not pay as much attention to developing leaders who see the enterprise as a whole. Discover how you can develop leaders who are able to systematically think across silos and understand how to put into place practices that support this rare breed of leader.

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