HR Leadership

As an HR executive in a leading, global company, you are in charge of making your company a talent factory. In this ICEDR toolkit, you will build your skills in the essential areas where world-class talent management executives must excel to be successful business leaders.

About this ICEDR Toolkit

In this ICEDR Toolkit, you will gain access to the HR Value Matrix framework and learn how to build a high value HR team. You will also benefit from a wide range of research and the latest company practices on key talent processes such as succession planning, coaching, blended learning, leadership development, integrated talent management and more. Also, you will have access to research and company examples about HR's role in transformation and lessons learned from enterprise wide change.

Business Acumen

HR needs to deliver functional excellence in a way that helps your line managers run their units more effectively. And HR needs to learn how to help run, grow, and change the enterprise as the occasion arises. You don't need to excel in all of these capabilities yourself, but you need to have an HR team that can deliver.

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HR Processes

World-class HR executives must excel at certain skills, including how to source, attract, develop, coach, engage, advance, and retain top talent. How do your capabilities measure up? Learn about the latest organizational policies, practices and research that will help you lead in your role.

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Change Management

A company's top team is responsible for leading transformational change. Yet the gap between inspiration and implementation is a common one. Understand the common pitfalls behind transformation efforts and discover an effective ICEDR change model to help turn your company's bold visions into operating reality.

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