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The Rise of the Chief Wellbeing Officer: A Call for Organizational Health

By: N. van Dam, N. Le Pertel, and J. Dekker
This webinar will explore how forces such as accelerated change in the digital age are impacting wellbeing at work. Harnessing the benefits of innovation in the digital age require employees to learn new competencies around health and wellbeing. A growing number of companies are recognizing this need and appointing specific roles such as Chief Wellbeing Officers. We will delve into strategies for wellbeing and highlight examples of initiatives in various companies such as our case in point: Vitality at Nationale Nederlanden.

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How to Create a Growth Mindset Culture

By: Mary Slaughter, EVP, NeuroLeadership Institute
Growth mindset, the belief that skills can be improved over time, isn’t just a win for individuals. It can also uplift entire organizations. Join Mary Slaughter from the NeuroLeadership Institute to explore the research behind organizational growth mindset, and learn how leaders can develop their own growth mindset culture.

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Enabling your technology to bring digital learning to life

By: Nick van Dam and Tonya Corley from McKinsey
In this webinar, McKinsey colleagues Nick van Dam and Tonya Corley discuss how to enable your technology in order to bring digital learning to life.

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Making Inclusion, Inclusive

By: Khalil Smith, D&I Head, NeuroLeadership Institute
Organizations have made great progress with supporting certain groups, and in the process have facilitated a backlash that is now working its way through lots of companies. This has reached a point where ‘If you’re not actively including, you’re probably accidentally excluding’. This shows up in diversity training that has a ‘difference focus’ and in programs that highlight a particular group. Sometimes that is necessary and appropriate, but there are certainly trade-offs and implications that leaders and D&I professionals should be aware of and attentive to.

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Three Reasons Talent Transformations Fail (and what to do about it)

By: Marc Effron
In this webinar, Marc Effron, President of the Talent Strategy Group, discusses the three main reasons talent transformations fail and provides practical insights to turn the failures around.

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Rethinking the Business Models of Business Schools

By: Rick Smith, Professor, Singapore Management Univ.
In this webinar, Rick Smith, Professor, Singapore Management University, discusses several dilemmas that business schools are facing and examines the value chains for each of the product categories of a business school.

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