ICEDR Advantage

ICEDR, the premier global academy for HR talent, provides value to your organization. And, when your company joins ICEDR, you - a leading HR executive - benefit as well. How will your company and you, personally, benefit when your organization joins ICEDR?

Benefits of ICEDR sponsorship to companies

Develop your HR teams worldwide
  • Worldwide programs provide development for your global HR teams
    • Offered in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific
    • Annual ICEDR Global Innovations Summit for senior HR executives
    • ICEDR Emerging Talent Leaders Programs for next generation HR leaders
    • Topical seminars
  • World-renowned program presenters
    • World-class faculty from pre-eminent business schools
    • Senior line practitioners and HR executives
  • Online resources
    • Webinars, videos, research, toolkits and presentations

Build your company’s strategic HRD capability

  • Stay up to date on the latest research, trends and practices in global talent management, leadership development and strategic change
  • Engage in level-appropriate dialogue at ICEDR programs
    • Senior HR executives and executive education practitioners at Director level and above engage in dialogue at the annual ICEDR Global Innovations Summit
    • Next generation HR executives learn together at the ICEDR Emerging Talent Leaders Programs offered in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific

Help shape the future of HRD

  • Participate in ICEDR research on strategic HR topics. ICEDR research has been featured in Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, the Financial Times and other leading publications.
  • Share your company’s HR practices at ICEDR programs around the world.
  • Build your HR talent pipeline by developing your global HR teams.


Benefits of ICEDR sponsorship to HR executives

Build your personal strategic HR capability

  • Participate in dynamic interactive development programs
    • Offered around the world – London, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Sydney and more
    • Presentations by world-renowned faculty and senior line and HR executives
    • Build a stronger network of global contacts in diverse industries and business schools
  • Access online resources 24/7 on such topics as global leadership teams, developing high-potential talent, succession planning and leading for innovation through webinars, videos, toolkits and presentations
  • Stay up to date on the latest research and trends in global talent management, leadership development and change. ICEDR research is shared at ICEDR programs throughout the year and is available online.

Make a personal impact on your organization

  • Build your legacy by developing your high potential HR leaders
  • Demonstrate your commitment to talent development by investing in the development of your global HR team and by building HR capability at your organization globally
  • Save your organization time and money by gaining access to world-class resources including executives, faculty, programs, webinars, practices, videos, presentations and research on talent management, leadership development and change … all in one place

Join a premier global club of senior-level and emerging HR leaders

  • Develop and build valuable relationships with other HR executives from global world-class companies and senior executive education practitioners at ICEDR programs
  • World-class sponsor companies
  • Leading business school partners are all part of ICEDR’s vibrant global network
  • 24/7 idea exchange through access to contact information for individual ICEDR sponsors through the sponsors-only section of the ICEDR website