Founded in 1991, ICEDR develops senior level and next generation HR executives at leading companies around the world. Joining ICEDR will help your HR leaders build their capabilities in global talent management, leadership development and enterprise wide change.

Our purpose

ICEDR helps you build your company's global HR capabilities. Think of ICEDR as a Global HR Talent Academy. We work with leading global companies and exemplary business schools.

ICEDR helps your high potential and senior level HR leaders stay up to date on the latest practices, trends and research in global talent management, leadership development and enterprise wide change.

ICEDR is led by Doug Ready, one of the world’s leading authorities on strategic talent management and HR executive development. By joining ICEDR, your team will benefit from ICEDR’s pioneering research, dynamic development programs, and 24/7, on-demand learning.

Why our sponsor companies value ICEDR

What makes ICEDR unique? Our sponsor companies tell us that ICEDR provides unique value in four main ways:

  1. Global Scale: Every year, ICEDR delivers programs in Europe, Asia and the Americas;
  2. Companies and Business Schools, Together: ICEDR is a partnership of global companies and top business schools;
  3. Capability Building Focused: ICEDR’s purpose is to build the capabilities of your global HR team;
  4. Dynamic Learning: ICEDR sponsor organizations build their capabilities through in-person programs that feature dynamic idea exchange and through webinars and other on-demand materials.

Learn more about the benefits of ICEDR

View this video to hear from senior HR executives and ICEDR President Doug Ready about the value joining ICEDR would bring to your organization.