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Empowering Career and Development Planning with Purpose and Passion

By: Linda Bogoch, RBC
In this session, Linda Bogoch from RBC provides a concise session on how to think about career development with passion and planning.

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The Role of Social Networks in Transformations

By: Ron Burt, University of Chicago
Ron Burt discusses how networks first delay but then speed up transformations, how to identify key people to serve at network brokers to overcome delays, and that network brokering is a skill that can be taught.

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Superbosses - How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent

By: Sydney Finkelstein, Tuck School of Business
In this session, Sydney Finkelstein discusses his thoughts on how superbosses can be made.

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Social Media as a Personal Learning Network

By: Tanvi Gautam, Leadershift Inc.
In this session, Tanvi Gautam discusses her thoughts on how to to use social media as a personal learning network.

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What Does It Take To Grown Senior Talent?

By: Erica Ariel Fox, Mobius
In this session, Erica Ariel Fox from Mobius discusses her thoughts on how to grow senior talent in an organization.

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The Fads, Facts and Fiction in the Performance Rating Debate

By: Marc Effron, Talent Strategy Group
In this session, Marc Effron from The Talent Strategy Group provides an in-depth session on how to think through your company's performance rating.

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