QUEST NextGen Women Leaders Program - Bahrain


Oct 10, 2017

The QUEST NextGen Women Leaders Program - Bahrain is co-hosted by Saudi Aramco and the MIT Sloan School of Management. The target audience for this program is women in the first decade of their careers in line roles.

The QUEST NextGen Women Leaders Program has been developed for early career women to give them the confidence to grow their careers. Research has shown that women face obstacles in their careers, but when given the tools to face their unique challenges, their opportunities to build successful careers improve significantly. QUEST research on early career women identifies five key areas to focus on to overcome these barriers: Know Me, Challenge Me, Connect Me, Inspire Me, and Unleash Me. In addition, QUEST research on high-potential employees identified four differentiators that allow rising stars to excel.

During this program, participants will gain the tools to overcome 'derailers' and will walk away with inspirational insights and tangible action steps that will help them excel in their career journeys. Participants will be exposed to senior executive women presenters to help illustrate these models and to learn from their career lessons. In addition, through peer discussions and self-reflection, participants will develop their own action plans to start implementing their learnings from the day.

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