ICEDR Webinar: Changing Employee Behavior


Sep 2017

Shlomo Ben Hur from IMD will lead this webinar.
Date to be determined soon!

Learning Objectives

  • An important part of every managerís job is changing peopleís behavior: to improve someoneís performance, get them to better manage relationships with colleagues, or to stop them doing something. Yet, despite the fact that changing peopleís behavior is such an important skill for managers, too many are unsure how to actually go about it.
  • During this webinar, Professor Shlomo Ben Hur will reveal the simple, but powerful techniques for changing behavior that experts from a range of disciplines have been using for years, making them available to all managers in a single and comprehensive toolkit for change that can be used to drive and improve the performance of staff. Based on research (outlined in the book: Changing Employee Behavior ), the session will introduce practical techniques drawn from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and behavioral economics, and discuss how they can be applied to address some of the most common, every-day challenges that managers face.

Who Should Attend

ICEDR Webinars are intended for everyone within your organization.
Partner corporations can send an unlimited number of participants.




Shlomo Ben Hur

Professor, IMD






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